Customized services

GreenBridge provides a range of tailor-made services, according to the needs of your company.

We can offer you a team of experienced managers to advise you on professional, strategic, legal and financial issues at every stage of your company’s development. You do not have to look for professional consultants yourself. Moreover, we have master service agreements concluded with specialized service providers, such as accounting firms, patent offices and insurance companies. In this way, you can avoid the very high rates that they charge for their 

If you have any questions and you would like any help, an experienced team is available to advise you.

A selection of what we offer:

  • Legal and strategic advice:
    • Specialists can assist you in drafting your business plan, and in your daily management decisions.
  • IP Management:
    • Thanks to our framework contract with a patent office, you can get advice and assistance in protecting and valuing your intellectual property at affordable rates.
  • Assistance on financing:
    • With the right guidance, you can easily find venture capital, industrial investors and grant opportunities.
  • Support in contract negotiations:
    • Thanks to the advice provided by experienced entrepreneurs, you can negotiate sound contracts with customers and suppliers.
  • Networking:
    • Through the GreenBridge Community, you can easily make contact with industrial partners, suppliers and potential clients.
  • Pools of service contracts:
    • Thanks to our framework contracts with specialized service providers, such as accounting firms, patent offices and insurance companies, you can enjoy their services at affordable rates.
    • If you wish statistic support, we strongly recommend the services of Statter.
  • Training
    • For training & courses within the institute of continuing education at the faculty of engineering and architecture and the faculty of bio-engineering, you can visit this website.
  • Provincial Support
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