Offshore Wind Energy seminarie

4 June 2015 08:30 to 17:30
GreenBridge, Oostende

De UGent organiseert ism KUL een seminarie over offshore wind energie.

On Thursday June 4th 2015, the Faculty of Engineering

Technology of the KU Leuven and the Faculty of

Engineering and Architecture of the University of Ghent

organize a seminar which offers an overview of the

current developments in the Belgian Offshore Wind


On the Belgian part of the North Sea, there are 182

windmills active spread over three wind farms. Their

production equals that of a small nuclear power plant

(712 megawatt) and is equivalent to the annual

consumption of 600.000 households. The capacity of

this Belgian part will triple with the construction of five

new wind farms during the next years. The realization

of these offshore wind farms will provide new and

additional opportunities for local companies to

contribute towards the development of this sector, by

providing expertise, equipment, services, finance and

operational support for Offshore Wind Power

development activities in Belgium.

The successful development of the offshore wind energy

sector needs the availability of skilled staff and so, to

professional training and qualification opportunities. KU

Leuven and Ghent University are currently developing a

Continuing Study Programme in Offshore Wind

Energy. It will be organized as a part-time study

programme for professionals with an academic


This seminar is an introduction to the Study Programme

in Offshore Wind Energy, which starts in September

2015. It will give an overview in fields such as offshore

wind energy technology, grid integration & operation

and maintenance. Experts, researchers, industry and

university representatives will share their experiences

and information on these topics.

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