Factories for the Future (FVT)

Blue Energy

Province of West Flanders realizes & facilitates Economic Partnerships between government, companies and knowledge institutes

POM West Flanders helps companies develop new technologies and pioneering applications so that they can grow into global players. They do this by bundling the knowledge of top companies, knowledge institutions and the government

With the Factories for the Future, the Province of West Flanders and its Provincial Development Company (POM) concretises the New Industrial Policy of the Flemish Government tailored to its SME's.

The Factories for the Future are not physical factories. These are unique economic partnerships between various actors: government, companies and knowledge institutes. For each of the three clusters in which West Flanders excels internationally (food, new materials and cleantech & blue energy), a Factory for the Future is set up.

The focus of the Blue Energy Cluster focuses on wind, wave and tidal energy, located on the coast and in the Ostend region in particular.

Through a partnership of all relevant players, at local, provincial and Flemish level, the strategic pillars that support our SMEs in their future-oriented and sustainable development are deployed. These strategic pillars are:

  • Branding
  • Infrastructural preconditions
  • SME services and SME networking
  • Research
  • Education



Via ‘branding’ wordt er niet alleen een draagvlak gecreëerd voor blauwe energie, er wordt ook promotie verzorgd. Dit gebeurt door het organiseren van gerichte campagnes en events, alsook door de uitbouw van Greenbridge als de vitrine en katalysator van blue energy activiteiten. De Blue Energy Corner waar u zich nu in bevindt, vormt dan ook de toegangspoort voor deze vitrine.

Infrastructural preconditions

With 'infrastructural preconditions' we refer to the strategic development of infrastructure and logistics facilities that meet the needs of companies, education and research. Greenbridge and the Ondernemerscentrum Oostende form the starting point.

SME services and SME networking:

Collaborations with other entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions are necessary. Together with FMC, Voka and Unizo, the necessary network will be developed and local companies will be informed and guided to gain access to the new blue energy market.


It concerns the development of both fundamental and applied research, tailored to the sector. Local knowledge institutions such as Kulab and UGent play an important role in this. The intention is to develop a research hub in Ostend in the long term. 


Via the Academy for the Future, an umbrella initiative of various training providers, the training offer for the offshore industry was mapped out. I. c. w. Syntra West and in consultation with the sector, this will be further expanded. Such training offer is essential to be able to fill vacancies locally because the wind energy industry requires very specific training in the field of technology and especially safety.


Source: www.fabriekenvoordetoekomst.be


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