GO-VIRTUAL is specialized in planning, (mobile) time registration and Track&Trace.


With SOLUTIO (own development) GO VIRTUAL owns a unique and user-friendly planning and time registration software.


SOLUTIO consolidates many planning possibilities (Project Planning - GANTT, Operational Planning, Logistics Planning, Service Planning and Dispatch Planning) on one view.

With SOLUTIO you manage in an easy way all your projects, employees, logistics and suppliers.


Where other planning software has to compromise on flexibility and struggle with inadequate graphical charts, SOLUTIO is very flexible in use and provides excellent graphical charts.

By making use of the integrated time registration system you can monitor as well presences as ‘project’ related working hours.


Integration with other software (ERP, WMS, …) is a frequently asked service which can be seamlessly linked to SOLUTIO.


SOLUTIO is a planning and time registration software that can be used in different industries such as construction and interior, rental, IT organizations, after-sales, production ...




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