Laminaria is a wave energy convertor developer. The company was founded in 2011 with the aim to develop a deep water wave energy converter. Later in the process a shallow water version of the technology was developed.

On both technologies a feasibility study was performed with support of IWT and the Port of Ostend. Both technologies showed very promising, however the choice was made to first develop the shallow water technology as it has more potential for exploitation.

Following the feasibility study a project was started to test a fully functional ¼ scale model at sea. A consortium of Multitech, Port of Ostend and Laminaria received support of IWT and CEIP to develop, build and test the prototype. The device was tested over a 1 year period about 1km out the coast of Ostend. The tests were concluded with success in September 2015 providing proof of concept of the technology at sea.

The next step for Laminaria is to build and test a full scale device. To do so a consortium of Laminaria, UGent, Emec, TTI and Innosea have received European support through the Ocean Eranet program. Full scale grid connected deployment will start in summer 2017 at the challenging EMEC test site in Scotland.


Laminaria’s unique selling point is its storm protection strategy, which allows the device to keep producing at nominal power during the heaviest of storms without undergoing excessive forces.






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