CETO Wave Energy Project with Subcon involvement

22 September 2015

Carnegie Wave Energy is the operator of the CETO Wave Energy Project (note: CETO is a Greek god not an acronym) whereby a commercial scale CETO system will deliver electrical power to the Department of Defence and HMAS Stirling Naval Facility located on Garden Island (Western Australia). The system consists of 3 submerged buoyant actuators which through fluctuations in sea surface height pressurise and transport water in subsea pipelines. The pressurised water is used to drive an offshore turbine generating electricity to be routed into HMAS Stirling power circuits. The CETO 5 units have a rated capacity of approximately 240KW.


Subcon Involvement

Subcon provided foundation grouting. The foundation for the system comprises 3 x 30Te (14m long, 1.8m diameter, 40mm thick) ballasted piles being drilled and grouted into the calcareous seabed.  

A system of pipework was fitted to piles prior to installation enabling direct connection of grout supply hoses and consistent delivery of grout throughout the pile annulus. Shear keys were also fitted to piles at the advice of Subcon despite not initially being included in the design.


Following drilling, calcareous bedrock was found to have a lower than predicted capacity making the shear keys an invaluable addition.




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