What is blue energy?

In Ostend, 'blue energy' means all energy generated by offshore wind, wave & tidal energy.

The Blue Energy Factory of the Future has a blue energy corner in GreenBridge; Ostend is denoted as the area where the development of renewable energy by Blue Energy takes place.


  • Offshore wind energy

    Wind energy is energy generated by the kinetic energy of air (wind) into a useful form, such as in electricity. Wind energy is the most developed part of  renewable energy. Offshore points out [LH1] that the installation is located at some distance from the coast (as an offshore).

  • Wave energy

    Wave energy is an emerging source of energy with a potential estimated at 3.7TW. Different road maps indicate that by 2020, about 3.5GW will be installed in Europe. It is expected that this will increase to about 180GW in 2050. Currently, the wave energy market is not at all consolidated, with lots of concepts and devices still in the race. The big challenges include: what type of concept to use in which conditions, how to increase the energy yield, how to increase robustness, how to operate devices in a farm layout … (source: UGent SET)
  • Tidal energy

    Tidal energy is energy which is recovered by using the difference in water level between low and high tide. On the open ocean, this is only a few decimeters, but due to the specific form of some coasts where large funnel-shaped inlets exist, the water level can rise sufficiently at high tide to absorb[LH2]  high water behind a dam and at low water to let it run back through turbines coupled to generators. (Source: Wikipedia)


Learn more in the Blue Energy corner

As part of the demonstration area within GreenBridge (with more than 2,500 visitors a year), the Blue Energy corner acts as the showcase and catalyst of the Blue Energy Factory for the Future. The Blue Energy corner put together by GreenBridge, in collaboration with Ghent University Power-Link, aims to increase the visibility and awareness of offshore wind, wave and tidal energy. Within this framework, GreenBridge (co)organizes various workshops and networking events, and we accommodate demos of projects or companies that are directly or indirectly linked with offshore wind, wave and/or tidal energy.

Target audience:

  • Blue Energy Professionals
  • (West) Flemish SMEs considering to switch
  • Knowledge-based institutions with a view towards project operation and R & D support
  • Students with a view to future technical workforce
  • Project Investors
  • Policy makers
  • General public


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