Tech Startup Day: # 1 startups conference in Belgium

12 maart 2015 09:00 t.e.m. 18:00
The Egg, Brussels

With over 70 startup supporting organizations, a mix of hands-on workshops, real-life testimonials, plenary keynotes and networking, Tech Startup Day 2015 is the must attend event for tech startups in Belgium.Join with over 750 attendees for the most complete and inspiring conference of the year.

9h  Registration & welcome coffee

10h  Parallel workshops

  1. From idea to startup: hurdles & tips
  2. Bridging the death valley: on your bootstrapped way to first success
  3. Scaling up: getting ready for fast growth
  4. Funding: spinning the wheel of fortune (wisely)
  5. Pitch session: Adopt a CTO
  6. Corporate Innovation: developing a lean & curious culture

12h  Lunch & matchmaking

13h30  Parallel workshops

  1. From idea to startup: models, models, models
  2. Bridging the death valley: from solutions to revenues
  3. Scaling up: exploring the frontiers & going global
  4. Funding: ownership & exit scenarios
  5. Pitch session: Adopt a CEO
  6. Corporate Innovation: nurturing intrapreneurship


15h30  Coffee break

16h  Closing plenary

17h30  Reception & networking

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