SIEMENS Wind Power chooses the REBO-terminal in Ostend

6 januari 2017

Thursday January 5th, REBO NV and SIEMENS Wind Power signed a concession agreement for the use of the port facilities during 1 year for the pre-assembly of the 42 wind turbines for the fifth Belgian offshore wind farm, Rentel.

From the REBO-terminal in the Port of the Ostend, the different parts of the wind turbines: blades, nacelles and tower elements will be pre-assembled and prepared. Next step is the loading on the installation vessel and the installation of the turbines on the monopiles at sea.

SIEMENS Wind Power chose REBO because of the strategic location and easy accessibility of its terminal. This combined with the varied realizations from the REBO terminal, make the Port of Oostende a reliable partner for the smooth rollout of the second biggest offshore wind farms in the Belgian part of the North Sea.

The preparations for this big yard are already ongoing. The supply and pre-assembly of the wind turbines will start in early 2018, taking a full year.

In 2019 a local team of Siemens will organise the operations and maintenance of the turbines in Oostende, for at least 17 years. For the selection of this team and the execution of the maintenance contract, Siemens relies on local recruitment of technicians and safety coordinators. Therefore Siemens will work closely with the port authority of Oostende and local partners such as GeoSea, Deme and Rebo.

Siemens first offshore wind project in Belgium

Siemens, as a significant player in offshore wind power, has successfully entered the offshore wind market in Belgium.  The Rentel offshore wind farm is located 40 km from the Belgian coast and has a capacity of 309 MW.

Siemens will supply, install, commission and service 42 wind turbines of the large direct drive platform. The output of the Rentel offshore wind power plant will be sufficient to supply approximately 300,000 households in Belgium with clean power.



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