An office that grows along with you

Kantoor GreenBridge

Starting off with office space of 20m2 and growing your business to fill 3 offices of 50m2? It's all possible to do without changing your address!

GreenBridge leases 48 offices in different sizes of workspace and can also rent out meeting and seminar rooms to ensure that professional meetings and seminars can be organized close to your office.


Package of tailor-made services

If you want to explore international markets or if you are looking for funding, GreenBridge can guide you all the way to the top. 

GreenBridge includes the following free services in your rent:

* 24 u / 24 u access to you office * 24 u / 24 u intrusion G4S
* free parking space * bycicle storage
* reception customers & suppliers (van 08u30 tot 17u) * personalized telephone service during your absence
* mailbox * processing incoming mail
* coffee & thee * sun terras
* equipped kitchen & lunchroom * electrical charging posts
* showers * fruit
* containers * WIFI
* company logo at entrance  * clean office


Extra paying options are:

* purchase small office asuipment * catering
* use of central printer/fax * fast fiber connection, firewall,...


Plan 1st wing

Plan 2nd wing

Become a neighbor to other incubator companies

Along the corridors of GreenBridge, you can test out your ideas with any of the other incubator companies. Find out who they are, here. While waiting, your guests can take a look at our demonstration center packed with new technologies. Take a look online to know more about these companies.

Let us know how we can help you.

For an informal conversation and a tour of the premises, you can contact the reception desk at  GreenBridge. If you have urgent questions, you can also contact us by phone on +32 (0) 59 24 27 30 or by email at See you soon!



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