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Demonstrator GreenBridge

Present your service or technology to the public by displaying it on a business stand in the demonstration area, where there is a focus on Blue Growth.

The GreenBridge Demonstration Center  started off as an EFRD project; 'The Energy Box', can demonstrate your new energy technology and that of other companies. GreenBridge then helps to commercialize it.

We want to demonstrate technologies for professionals, individuals, research institutions and policy makers, and we aim to help different technologies to find their way to market. These companies can tell you there experience with demonstrating their technology in the GreenBridge Demonstration Center.

The GreenBridge Demonstration Center currently focuses on blue growth.

With the establishment of a special Blue Energy Corner, GreenBridge anticipates that the province of West Flanders can build upon the Ostend region in the domain of future Cleantech / Blue Energy. Cleantech / Blue Energy is one of the three clusters in which West Flanders can compete at international level. The Blue Energy Corner will initially increase the visibility of offshore wind, wave and tidal energy, and the awareness around them.

For the evaluation of these technologies, we rely on the extended knowledge and expertise within Ghent University and the West Flemish colleges.

The marketing and communication concept behind the GreenBridge Demonstration Center  provides  a unique advantage in terms of demonstrating and promoting  your blue growth technologies. Your company is led and guided, optimization research (where required) is promoted, and your company is introduced to the Flemish and international energy market.

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Demonstrator GreenBridgeDemonstrator GreenBridge
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