Shar-wa is the "native" pronunciation of the word "Sherpa" in Sherpa and Tibetan. In the Himalayas there are almost no roads. You see especially mountain paths which are often very steep and rocky. Therefore, the sherpas are an indispensable guide because they know exactly the way to the top of the mountain.

Following the example of the Sherpas Sharwa will guide and accompany you. To bring the tour to a successful conclusion the following luggage is essential:

your guide: thanks to her experience Sharwa enters all such paths, so she knows not only the access road to the top but also the pitfalls and environmental conditions;
knowledge: Sharwa knows what it takes to embark on the journey and to reach the top. The path and the method can be selected according to the real situation;
techniques: Sharwa chooses more appropriate techniques to ensure that you arrive safely;
equipment: in her backpack Sharwa has several tools available that can be used in function of the needs of the moment;
base camp: occasionally a stop is needed just to reflect, evaluate and correct;
mentor and coach: Sharwa ensures that you choose the right path and do not give up;
you and your (management ) team: Sharwa is not on tour in your place, nor does she carry you to the top, you should be prepared and motivated to begin the journey yourself.

Carol Bailleul 

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