UGent Power-Link

Power-Link, Ghent University is a platform regarding sustainable and renewable energy, initiated by the Port of Ostend and Ghent University, with professor Greet Van Eetvelde as the driving force. Power-Link receives financial support from West-Flanders, Flanders and Europe.

As a knowledge partner, Power-Link and its partnering university colleges aim at maturing into a subregional scientific platform. Power-Link encourages rational, reduced and alternative energy use.

As a network partner, Power-Link interacts with the innovative and creative move of the new production and consumption market and moreover, creates a research platform with an own cleantech environment, i.e. the Greenbridge science park.

As a communication partner, Power-Link npo has been founded. It offers a professional cleantech portal site and thus strengthens the substantive functioning of the knowledge platform.

Nowadays, Power-Link has13 staff members and the platform represents dozens of projects in a million-portfolio.


Prof. dr. ir. Lieven Vandevelde


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