iluminas implements innovative lighting techniques. The company recently took a new building in use and is already looking ahead. In addition to the magnetic induction lamps, energy saving, it is now widely experiments with plasmatic lighting.

iluminas works with a team of dynamic young entrepreneurs. For designing fixtures we rely on freelance designers. Armature parts are fabricated in Asia and here in Beveren we perform the assembly and we take care of the customization.

The design is obviously important, but the saving effect of the lighting is the most important. "We have the exclusive rights for Belgium, Luxembourg and France for magnetic induction lighting, an electrode-less lamp with fluorescent layer in which light is generated by means of induction”. Advantage of magnetic induction light is that it has around 100,000 hours life. Even LED lighting barely does half! As the lamp grows older, the 'light output' reduces much slower compared to other bulbs, and it also consumes much less energy because of the effective lumen ratio.

Everything revolves around reducing costs without compromising on quality.
iluminas seeks projects in the market where it works with industrial electricians for installation. We recently provided induction lighting installed by Quintiens NV from Zeebrugge to the European logistics center of Bridgestone (88.500 square meters). Purpose: replacing old consuming discharge lamps by magnetic induction fixtures.

But besides companies iluminas also targets the street lighting segment. "Not an easy market, because of the many regulations and the tremendous competition. Nevertheless, we continue with this purpose because we believe our know how and service can be an plus added value for our customers. We recently realized a project in Sierra Leone withoff grid solar streetlighting to control a main street and a production facility . "



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