Ad Pro Systems & Software

At Adpro, our goal is to connect and facilitate knowledge exchange between a broad range of different actors.

We do this by developing robust and user friendly web platforms, enabling companies and public services to develop networks around their knowledge base, both with and for their stakeholders.

We support competence centers in the areas of nature and port education, and in maintenance management. At the core of this are web based planning and management systems that allow Adpro’s customers to plan, manage and communicate efficiently. 

In the world of port and nature education, we not only support organizations in planning and managing their visitor flows, we also help them with planning the necessary resources for guided tours, in booking guides; in optimizing the communication with visiting schools, etc. Future projects in this fascinating world of technological education are already taking shape.

In the area of maintenance management, we enable our customers to plan, organize and execute their maintenance activities effectively and efficiently. The right person at the right time and for the right task is the key message. We help by providing the technical information and resources needed via the AdPro platform. For overhaul companies we even go a step further. We facilitate the complete commercial process, i.e. quotation, intake, repair and invoice.


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