Onderzoeksinfrastructuur voor energie-efficiëntie

GreenBridge has a demonstration-area that is equipped with an abundance of measurement tools for monitroing systems as heating pumps, batteries, PV-panels, wind turbines and ventilation systems.

There is a continuous drive to increase the efficiency of systems. Due to this a large amount of energy can be saved. Many entrepreneurs have new ideas that they would like to bring to the market. Being able to quantify the energy gain is an important element to convince a customer. The most credible is a test that is performed under actual test conditions, and in which data from similar technologies is available. There for GreenBridge offers a demonstration-area equipped with a plethora of measurement tools.

In addition to the physical data of the existing technologies, meteorological data and the usage data of the building are also collected. All collected data can be read remotely. Due to the unique link with knowledge centers, next to the delivery of the data, a measurement rappport with valuable suggestions can be made.

Here below you can find some of the monitored techniques;

  • Several heating pumps (ground-water / air-water)

  • Test panel for facade elements which can be monitored

  • Elektric µ-grid, suitable for the testing of DSM technologies

  • Geothermal Storage - Borehole Energy Storage (BES) field (9x100m deep) & Energy poles (40x15m deep)

  • Field laboratory of Ghent University, for small wind turbines (SWT Field Lab - meer info)


Make an appointment with our innovation support manager, Roy Campe (roy.campe@ugent.be) to find out which research infrastructure can help you further .

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